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Acts 9v1-9v31 – The Road to Damascus


Chris Hardy

This is a great passage!
This is the chapter where we hear the story of how Paul became a Christian.
Paul is the guy who wrote most of the New Testament so him coming to know Jesus is very much a big deal, and there is also one or two things that we can learn about God in our own lives from his story.


God Changes Lives
One of the things that I love about this chapter is that it is such a perfect example of how Jesus changes lives. After all, nothing changes you life quite like the risen Christ stopping you in the road, throwing you to the ground, turning you blind then giving you a mission.
For a lot of us (I’m guessing most of us) our experience of coming to know Jesus for the first time wasn’t exactly like Paul’s.
Paul was brought face-to-face with the very truth he had been fighting in a very spectacular way. The truth is; Jesus sometimes does break into lives in very big, obvious and fast ways and sometimes it is very quiet, gentle and takes a while. God knows exactly how to meet each person where they are and in the way that they need.


No-one is unreachable
This chapter also gives us hope. You may know someone that you have been praying for for years to come to know Jesus, but in the back of your mind you just can’t see how they would ever change…you may know someone who never even started to pray for because you thought; “there is no way on earth they will ever become a Christian!”.
Paul was not only a non-Christian. He wasn’t even just a well-read, post-modern Richard Dawkin’s fan. He was a passionate Jewish leader and he was killing Christians. In fact, when God met him, he was on route to kill some more Christians. Paul seriously hated anyone who followed Jesus, he felt so passionately that Christians were heretics that they needed to die and it was his job to see it done. If you have lost faith that your friend will become a Christian, let me submit to you that anything is possible with God.
I think Scripture gives us this example of Paul firstly to remind us that it is not us who changes hearts but Jesus – 100%, fully, totally Jesus and secondly that no-one is out of reach of God, no heart that can’t be changed and no sinner that can’t be transformed by the blood of Jesus Christ.


Think back today of own transformation. Remember when Jesus first broke into your heart and thank Him for the work He has done in your life. When you have done that, think of the person (or persons) who you desperately want to see come to know Jesus and pray that God will break into their lives and they will meet Him like Paul did and like you did.