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Acts 10:1-11:18 – Good News for All


Eleanor Rose Harrison

I was walking through Oxford city centre recently when a man handed me a small flyer and said

‘Good News for YOU young lady’!

The flyer was titled ‘Have You Heard The Good News? ‘ and told of all that God has done for us. The joy and eagerness in his words as he handed me the flyer surprised me…. I wish it hadn’t.


I don’t want to be surprised when a stranger tells me about the Good News, I want it to become an everyday thing! Good News is supposed to be exciting. In our lives when we get good news we tend to want to tell everyone, especially the people who might be affected by it. Jesus is THE ULIMATE GOOD NEWS and it affects EVERYONE! I wonder how many people God spoke to through a tiny flyer on that one day…


What we learn as we read this passage in Acts is God’s heart for His people and that ‘His people’ includes ALL people. At the time there was conflict between the Jewish and the Gentiles but we see here that God calls Peter (a Jew) to tell Cornelius (a Gentile) about Jesus Christ! These are two people would not usually associate with each other, in fact, this would pretty much be out of the question! What we learn is how God’s plan includes everyone – not just the people we think it should include. He calls us to be connected to EVERYONE.


If we were handing out flyers… Who would we give them too? The teenagers messing around on the streets? The dodgy looking bloke smoking in a doorway? Or the people who look approachable, our age, a similar background? Let’s call on God to make us brave and courageous in spreading the Good News and to go into those places we don’t usually associate ourselves with…perhaps where it is needed the most.


Luke 2:10 – I bring you good news that will cause great joy for ALL the people.