We believe that the Bible is amazing, powerful and relevant. But it can be hard to read sometimes. Where do you start? How do you find time to read it? What about the weird bits?!

The plan

We're a group of students and young adults in Sheffield, who decided to start something to encourage each other to get to know God better. We read through 100 key parts of the Bible over 100 days (using the E100 plan) and used our blog and Facebook group to have conversations along the way. It was an amazing journey and so encouraging to do it together.

Download the reading plan

The artwork

We looked at creative ways of engaging with the Bible. We wrote reflections, had discussions and shared inspiring links based on what we were reading. Rich did an illustration a day over the hundred days and we now have an online archive of colourful images, which can be downloaded for free.

View the artwork

The blog

We also setup a blog where we wrote our thoughts every day about the passage that we were reading, which led to some great conversations on Facebook.

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The app

After we did the challenge, Matt and Duncan put together the artwork, reading plan and a Bible reader into a handy app. Currently available for iPad and Android, with the iPhone version coming out soon.

iPad app Android app iPhone app (coming soon)

About us

The 100 Day Bible Challenge is an initiative of churchforstudents.com and lifechurchsheffield.org, both part of St Thomas Crookes in Sheffield.